Men’s Therapy Services in Scottsdale Arizona

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Trauma-Informed Therapy

Therapy in Scottsdale and Online

Traumatic experiences, regardless of what kind, leave behind hidden wounds and scars. Among many things you find yourself on high alert around others; bracing for some unknown threat. Some people may tell you to simply 'push through it' or just 'toughen up.' Restoration, though, simply doesn't work that way.

You, the client, determine when and what trauma material you are ready to process. We work to heal the traumatized self, in our sessions, through psychodynamic and Inner Child work. We also explore cognitive and behavioral tools that can help you to effectively manage symptoms of trauma.

You don't have to suffer quietly alone. Together, let's find proven, evidenced-based approaches that can be a part of your healing.

Depression in Men in Scottsdale and Online

Therapy in Scottsdale and Online

Men often expend energy to conceal depressive symptoms. Questions like, “What will others think if they notice my low spirits?” or “Why can’t I shake this sense of discouragement?” exemplify the internal struggle.

Understanding depression is validating, and discussing it with a trained therapist sheds light on the condition. We collaboratively identify causes—unresolved grief, life stressors, or chemical imbalances, etc —and address them with an evidence-based approach. Together, we uncover skills and tools to alleviate symptoms and find resolution.

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Embark on a collaborative journey to discover personalized tools that resonate with your unique personality, guiding you towards healing and resolution.

Anger Management Therapy for Men

Therapy in Scottsdale and Online

Angry emotions seem to persist, despite your best efforts. These emotions are triggered/activated in challenging moments. The behavior that follows is embarrassing and confusing. Questions like, "Why can't I get a handle on this?" or "Can I really make significant changes?" reveal the struggle.

My approach involves behavioral strategies like Imaginal Exposure therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, addressing deeper roots with psychodynamic, IFS (Internal Family Systems), and Inner Child work.

Take a step towards emotional stability. Collaborate with me to assess your needs and develop a treatment plan, guiding you towards the life you desire.

Anxiety Therapy for Men

Therapy in Scottsdale and Online

Navigating various types of anxiety can be challenging, whether it's nervousness, difficulty relaxing, anticipating negative outcomes, or experiencing panic without apparent triggers. Anxiety, whether tied to job stress, relationship issues, or financial concerns, is disruptive.

Starting with an assessment, we'll unravel the nature of your anxiety. Calming practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, and tai chi, combined with examining beliefs about yourself and the future, form part of the treatment. Understanding the factors driving and sustaining your anxiety guides our approach.

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Embark on therapy to gain a fresh perspective. Understanding your experience will reveal a path forward tailored to you, offering options to enhance your quality of life.

Couples Therapy

Therapy in Scottsdale and Online

Conflict Roots

Couples often clash over seemingly trivial matters, revealing deeper needs for respect and prioritization. Household chores, meal planning, and parenting can become arenas for unspoken frustration and pain.

Expressed Concerns

Expressed concerns range from feeling constantly wrong to unacknowledged efforts, unaddressed apologies for past mistakes, and a lack of emotional connection.


Regardless of your relationship's current state, improvement is possible. Addressing communication hurdles is crucial, followed by exploring topics like values, love languages, and attachment styles to identify adjustments for a better relationship.

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Turbulent relationships take a toll, but unlike mechanical fixes, therapy offers a transformative, personal, and relational repair process. Take the step to mend and enhance your relationship.

Embrace Your Healing Journey

Starting therapy can feel daunting, but taking the first step is as simple as starting a conversation.

It's a simple and worthwhile process that opens the door to a more fulfilling and positive life.

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